User Rating: 7 | James Cameron's Avatar: The Game X360
At first, i went along with the hypothesis and synopsis of others to think this game might be a game that i will play for a few hours. I did some you tube research and i couldn't think of how this game looked bad as in graphics etc. I know the prophecy is that all movie based games suck and thy will suck forever, to me, the prophecy has indeed been false. The graphics alone are severely entertaining and it almost makes you feel back in the movie theaters the first time you saw it.
When i write reviews I am very critical because I destroy games that I don't like. When you talk about avatar, all these critics must say that it be brokennnn. Avatar is very well prosecuted as far as aiming and the sense of gratitude of a kill, ex. halo, cod, etc. The storyline and communication animations may not be at the top like others but hey, no games are perfect, except for maybe halo1. This to me is very underrated and i hope you just don't walk past it because game spot gave it a 5.5. Think of movies that you absolutely love then think of those movies that people watch and absolutely hate. It may be a pain to watch a movie that someone says sucks but what if that movie actually makes your top ten. Dont pass, give avatar a try and maybe it will make your top ten.