Best James Bond game ever? HUH!

User Rating: 1.5 | James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing GC
That, sir, belongs to good ol' GoldenEye on the good ol' Nintendo 64. But this piece of crap is the WORST James Bond game, seriously. I seen gameplay on YouTube and said "This looks great!" I got it on Ebay, put it in my GameCube, and I had no fun. No fun with this piece of garbage. First, the camera is broken, if I push left it goes right, if I push right it goes left, if I push up it goes down, and if I push down it goes up! Very hard to get used to! The lock-on system is also crappy, half of the time it doesn't lock on correctly and I get killed! Thanks! The levels are short and ininteresting. The driving missions are a friggin' nightmare. There are MI6 interludes which are pointless, because they're just cutscenes! Skippable cutscenes! And last but not least the Jaws chase. It is the most cruelest, most unfair, most hardest level I have ever played in my entire life.