The 3rd-person shooter aspect of it might fall short, but the game delivers a vehicle experience that is sure to satisfy

User Rating: 9 | James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing GC
First off, I have never played a 007 game before, so I wont be criticizing based on previous entries in the series, just this one.

When I hopped into this game the first thing I thought was, "boy this is easy!", but little did i know that after that first couple missions, the difficulty steeped up rapidly in the form of complicated and hard missions on foot, in the jungles of south america, to a secret base in moscow (I'm just making the locals up, because i forgot them, but it looks like those places) but each of these places are fun to play in.

These missions on foot are definetly NOT the strong point of the game though, EoN sports a variety of excrusiatingly hard, but ludicrisly fun vehicle missions! They are the best vehicle missions in any game i've ever played, and rust me thats saying a lot. the only downfall to the vehicle sequences is that they are so hard, beside the fact that there aren't enough of them.

If you think this review is crap, as i do, check out gamespot's review, it's pretty spot-on.

on-foot gameplay - 5

vehicle gameplay - 9.78975

sound/music - 10

glitches - haven't found any

multiplayer - 6

replay value - a lot of replay value in the form of higher difficulty, golden guns, etc.

overall fun - 10