A game defiantly worth your money and time. :)

User Rating: 9 | James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing PS2
James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing.
One of the best games I've played.
Okay, here we go, first off, I never bought the game, instead my friend told me to borrow it and see how it was. When I first started the game I thought this: Okay finish it, have my fun and give it back to my buddy. My thought changed when I actually played it. Right off the bat, I was in the middle of a fight. The game pretty much told me all I needed to play and I played. The game has a cover system which works very well. The controls are mapped quite well, although the only gripes I had with the game was the lock-on system and the fact you can't jump. This is why: The lock-on system works very well and it's incredibly easy to pull off head-shots and such. But when you are surrounded by like five enemies and you can only target one at a time, the game gets annoying. I would've preferred an over- the-shoulder point of view. The game would've worked quite well with that and the controls would not need to change at all. Now the other gripe is a minor one: No jump. While you don't ever need the jump button in the game, it is quite dumb when you can just hop over a railing to get over to the enemy, but you can't :(

Now enough of my fun talk lets get down to what you want to hear. Yes, the game is fun, it's hard, not punishingly hard, but hard. In the game you play on foot as Bond or you're in a vehicle in a variety of situations. I personally don't like the vehicle parts, but hey they're fun and there's responsive control and you get to drive a tank, how cool is that. And you can blast anything and you get explosions and some kind of interaction with the environment, it being charred marks or something actually breaking! Now the on foot game play is what I love. With the ability to sneak around levels with some great-looking take-downs, it is quite rewarding to get a guard and his body off his guard with a head-shot and or a take-down. Now when you're not sneaking, you're filling the enemy with lead. And the A.I. is quite smart so don't expect an easy victory. Like you, they can use the cover system and they are pretty aggressive. They're enough weapons in the game so that you don't get bored and so that they're different enough so it doesn't feel like you're using a re-skinned AK or something. And hey you can also interact with the environment like throwing pots and hammers. It's not really needed, but it's there so if you like pelting guys with wrenches, go ahead. The game has a rocking co-op mode and a decent four-player brawler thing. The game is approximately 12 hours long with cheats, bond moments and other things you can unlock. Plus there's 4 difficulties for the levels.

Graphic-wise the game is excellent. I personally think they're good to this day. The game looks clean, sharp and has a good-looking textures. The character and car models are large and great looking. Everything looks like what it should be. The sound is excellent as well. Guns, people, explosions, cars, even the pots breaking sound right.

I really do suggest you get this game because it is not only a good Bond game, it's a great action game itself.