007: Everything or Nothing shows James Bond at his very best!

User Rating: 8 | James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing PS2

Everything or Nothing is a fabulous James Bond game in (almost) every detail!

You play Agent 007, A.K.A. James Bond (as voiced by Pierce Brosnan himself), as he tries to track down and kill the people who kidnapped a Dr. Katya Nadanova, who has been working on nano-technology which is supposed to repair metal, but has been changed dramatically, so it now destroys all metal they touch (except for platinum). This is being tested in New Orleans, but is soon going to be used on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The person behind all this, is a Nikolai Diavolo (as voiced by Willem Dafoe!) along with his bodyguard, Jaws (Richard Kiel).
Now, as this is a Bond game, there are many beautiful women to meet along the way such as Serena St. Germaine (voiced by Shannon Elizabeth), Dr. Katya Nadanova (as voiced by Heidi Klum), and NSA agent Mya Starling (voice-acted by Mya 'Mya' Harrison). There is also a wide variety of vehicles at your disposal, such as your trusty Aston Martin Vanquish (from the Die Another Day film), a Porsche Cayman GT (4x4), the Triumph Daytona 66 motorbike, a helicopter, and a tank, MOST of these vehicles have been equipped with gadgets supplied by 'Q''s replacement, 'R' (voiced by the talented John Cleese).

The (very few) bad bits:

1. The targeting is way too easy, even on '00 Agent' difficultly!

2. There is no 'Jump' button!

3. The missions are about 20-35 minutes long, with perhaps only 1 checkpoint in them (at most)!!

The good bits:

1. The story-line is quite gripping.

2. The chases (both vehicle and on-foot) are exciting and engaging!

3. The graphics for 2004 are pretty good!

4. The controls are simple.

5. The missions are varied.

6. The multiplayer modes (off/online) are fun and add a few more hours onto your game time!

7. The mouths are well in sync with the speech, unlike many games today!

8. You earn cheat codes to be used in the missions!

9. The on-foot sections include close-combat (punching), stealth, and shooting.

10. Everything or Nothing gets straight into the action (unlike From Russia With Love)!

Thank you for reading my review of 007: Everything or Nothing and I hope that you enjoyed it!