Everything or Nothing is a fantastic shift in direction for the Bond franchise and fans will love how authentic this tit

User Rating: 8.7 | James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing PS2
The Good:
Presentation is quite solid; Aston Martins, Heidi Klum, Willem Dafoe as the villain - this could've been turned into a film; Good mix of action; Has it's own theme song by Mya - just like being in a Bond movie!; Co-op and head to head mode extend the life of this game

The Bad:
Visuals are patchy and murky; It's no Pandora Tomorrow, length-wise; Occasionally sluggish controls and camera; Clumsy combat; Some frustrating levels

Everything or Nothing has everything you'd expect to see in a Bond film: Pierce Brosnan as 007, Judi Dench as M, John Cleese as Q, and even Richard Kiel, who reprises his role as Jaws from Moonraker. But this is not a movie. Everything or Nothing is, in fact, the best and most ambitious instalment in EA's line of James Bond games to date.

Agent Under Fire, Nightfire and Rogue Agent failed miserably in recapturing the first-person magic of the original GoldenEye, but Everything or Nothing turns things around by presenting the game in a third-person perspective (later continued by the dire From Russia With Love). This Bond game is more like Max Payne, only without the Bullet-Time and permanent grimace. They've been replaced by James' trademark swagger, high-tech gadgetry and digital representations of Victoria's Secret model, Heidi Klum, and American Pie star, Shannon Elizabeth.

Travelling through Egypt, Peru, New Orleans and Moscow, there's a lot more to do than simply picking up weapons, gunning down everything around you and finding the next door. Bond can rappel up and down the sheer walls, pegging his pursuers as he goes; and he's got sleeper darts, strobe grenades, stealth suits and different vision modes to work with.

Happily, these aren't features that simply come into play in scripted events. You have the option to use them in any situation, so there's a degree of freedom to flex your tactical muscles. Will you run in guns-a-blazing with a surprise attack? Or will you sneak in and silently break everyone's neck one at a time? Being able to spot these strategic opportunities - like finding a shortcut or opening a gas vent on unsuspecting terrorists - will earn you a Bond Moment, which can be collected to unlock the game's bonus material (production photos and such). Adding further variety to the game are the explosive, high-speed chases that involve cars, four-wheel drives, motorbikes and helicopters - where all the best bits of Spyhunter have essentially been jammed into the space of a few levels.

Everything or Nothing has all the features of a great game and it's most enjoyable to play. Those who are familiar with the control schemes of such games as Splinter Cell and Max Payne will find this a little too fast and loose for their liking. The controls and cameras don't respond quickly enough as you try to swing around to face the numerous incoming bad guys. But none of that will matter if you're a Bond fan.

Everything or Nothing has got all the right actors, a fantastic mixture of action to flesh out the original story and a pair of lovely ladies to put the icing on top. It's a fantastic shift in direction for the Bond franchise and fans will love how authentic this action title is.