007 everything or nonthing is still great for 8 years

User Rating: 10 | James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing XBOX
Of all of the 007 games this is my most favorite game of all time.

Graphics 9/10 still look detailed but bit old.

Story 10/10 great story. the story is just like a james bond movie the

Gameplay 9/10 good gameplay turtioal is exellent

Extras 10/10 awesome extras. On extras you will see cool stuff they have on there like golden spider.

Music 9/10 awsome songs.

Sound 10/10 perfect sound effects great voice acting.

Conclusion This game is still awesome because the missions are great and replaying them.because they have cars morcyclcyles and killing bad guys If you are a fan or a causal of 007 then this game is really worth playing. If you still aren't sure on buying look at 007 everything or nonthing trailer gameplay and even on youtube trust me this game is great Hope you enjoy reading this review.