Not living up

User Rating: 7.5 | James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing GC
The thing is with the James Bond games is that there are never going to be as good as Golden-eye not matter how many time you try. So what this game tried to do different is make a 3rd person 007 game rather than a 1st person one. The Game has some famous actors that do the voice of some of the characters which makes some good acting through an okay story. The story is of your typical James Bond movie where you have to fight a bad guy to rescue the damsel in distress. Its not great but what really make the game what it is is the game play. It not all that bad although it has some bad camera angles and the driving is really not all that fun. But you have a game it that makes up an okay shooter with some really cool actions sequences. If you are a fan of James Bond. Go ahead and pick this title up.