User Rating: 9.2 | Jak II: Renegade PS2
Jak 2 is one of the best platformers to date, and remains to be to this day. Everything about it is done so incredibly well that it simply blows away all other competition. Jak 2's story is mixed with many twists and discoveries, all of which you have to see for yourself to enjoy. The game is also quite humorous, making you laugh more than once throughout the story-something that most games fail to be successful in. If you came thinking that jak 2 is going to be similar to it's counterpart, you'll be suprised. Jak 2 is so seperate to its predecessor that it almost seems like a completely different game at times. However, this doesn't make it bad. The gameplay is similar to the first..for a while. After you get further into the game, it becomes clear that the gameplay is wholly different. The game uses a system similar to Grand theft auto (thats right, Grand theft auto), in which your in a giant city, with all the freedom in the world. You can hijack cars to your liking, and piss off the city guards anytime you like. For a while, you'll enjoy running around the city, blowing up cars and beating up guards, but thats not all there is to it. Also like GTA, its mission-based, meaning that you'll go around doing missions for people in any order you like. UNLIKE GTA, theses missions always completely unique. You'll always have different objectives, different areas, different enemies, etc. This keeps the game fresh and new, never getting repetative or old. You also get weapons in this one (4 in all), which can be used in missions or just to smash up the city. In short, there's a rifle, a shotgun, a machinegun, and a giant laser cannon. All of which are fun to use on any occasion. the graphics are also top-notch. Despite the fact that the world is gigantic, everything holds up incredibly well, with hardly any glitches. Detail is expressed in every area and character, all looking equally beautiful. Lights shine vibrantly, waterfalls sparkle, temples reflect sunlight, moon's cast glowing waves on the water, characters express realistic facial expressions, everything is ridiculously gorgeous. this game is one of the best looking games on PS2, and is still impressive compared to any console, for that matter. the games sound isn't as shocking as its looks, but is still fabulous. the voice acting is top-notch, and the sound effects are great. the only thing that holds it back is its more tuned-down musical side, which isn't especially exciting. The game is also moderately long, taking you over 15 hours your first time you play. However, there's also many other tasks to complete after you beat it. Lots and lots of little missions can be done in the city after you finish, and there's also bonus secrets if you successfully complete enough. Jak 2 holds as a game that was outstanding when it first came out, and it was obviously ahead of its time, as it is still equally amazing today.