Never played a Jak game but after playing this one. I must play the other two!

User Rating: 9.5 | Jak 3 PS2
:Freedom:A lot of weapons: A load of vehicles to chose from: A lot of things to unlock:The places you visit feel alive:Great graphics: Funny moments: You can fly and do other things!:You can blow up things!!!

Boring boss fights:Playing as Daxter sucks:

This is one of the best games of all times. Jak was exiled to the wasteland.
You control Jak as you live in the land of the forgotten. You will have to complete many task in the wasteland but it may take a while. While you are heading to places you may not get there quick. You will be attack by many bandits. They are not hard to destroy so it's no big deal. You will have 8 vehicles to chose from. Each one has there own advantage. When you reach your location you will often have to continue on foot. Sometimes you will have to use daxter to get further. You will also unlock Light Jak. When you are Light Jak you can fly, heal yourself, and slow down time. You can also turn into Dark Jak! His attacks are stronger and he can unleash powerful attacks! You will have to gather orbs to use these attacks. Blue is for light and black is for dark. There are also places where you can get unlimited powers.

The weapons you use are very different from each other. You can use the Blaster. It's a normal rifle. You can use the Scatter Gun. It's like a Shot Gun. You can use the PeaceMaker! It's like a Rocket Launcher. You can use the Vulcan Fury. It's a Machine Gun. This weapons have upgrades that you can unlock too. You will have to find ammo for these weapons. Yellow is for the Blaster, Red is for the Scatter Gun, Purple is for the PeaceMaker, and Blue is for the Vulcan fury. There will also be minigames for you to play. You will also meet many funny characters!

But this game has a few flaws. Daxter is really annoying to play as. He doesn't jump far and his attacks suck. His heath is not good like Jak's. The boss fights are really boring and take forever.

The bottom line is this game should be played by any gamer. it is one of the best games you can find. A great Single Player game.