An excellent RPG Strategy adventure hidden treasure.

User Rating: 8.9 | Jagged Alliance 2 PC
Jagged Alliance 2 in many respects reminded of the fallout series, but I found JA2 to be for more entertaining and thrilling.

I have always been a fan of modern RPGs with guns and tactics, and JA2 pretty much blew me away. From sneaking through the brush, to sniping enemy snipers, to ambushing a squad of militants, all interweave to create the unique atmosphere.

As the story goes, you lead a group of mercenaries (elite and not so elite) through the countryside of Alruco capturing cities for resources until you finally take of the dictator herself. Almost all options at your disposal: Silenced weapons (that ACTUALLY work), Heavy weapons, Rebel Militia, and of course a long list of varied mercenaries that you can utilize.

I was most impressed with the little additions to the game, such as the ability to upgrade weapons with attachments, body camoflage, etc.
The firefights are extremely satisfying and when you have finally captured an enemy city you get to see a little vignette of the Dictator tossing in anger. Splendid.

I found the beginning of the game fairly difficult, but as you progress a little bit and acquire some better weapons the game became very easy.

Overall, if you love universal strategy on a grand scale you'll likely enjoy Jagged Alliance 2.