One of the best RPGs of its time.

User Rating: 9.7 | Jagged Alliance 2 PC
NOTE: I rate games according to the time it was released, not present-tense. I know Jagged Alliance 2 is an old game right now, but I just had to rate it because it's THE most realistic game I've EVER played. Even MGS3 or Morrowwind can't match up to it's details. I could make this review really long, but I'm lazy right now. I'll make it short. You are called to save a small, poverty-stricken country from a ruthless dictator. You get on your laptop and go on the A.I.M. website to see which mercenaries you can hire. Some are costly, and others are cheap. You choose your individual mercs. You can also make your own custom mercenary by going to the I.M.P. website and answer the hilarious questions they ask you. Once you assemble your unique team, you designate their drop zone and wait for the next day... From then on you can liberate small towns from the ruthless army and you can train them to be town militia so they will be able to defend themselves while you are away liberating other small towns. In every town, there are NPC's you can talk to, and some of them are willing to sell/trade, or repair things for you. You can buy bullet-proof armor, pistols, gun accessories, first-aid kits, and tool kits or you can scrounge the bodies of your dead enemies, hoping to find something useful you could use. There are many detailed things this game has to offer, and I didn't even list half the things in it. I'd say, buy this game if you are playing no other games. Its outdated, so some people might not be that interested in it. I give this game a 9.7