J.U.L.I.A. Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    You've decided to stay and help Ambrosians. Adventurous
    You let the creature die. Why should you care, anyway? Apathy
    You've discovered a secret planet in the Solar system. Artificial planet
    You have completed everything, the game had to offer. Completist
    You built your first upgrade. Constructor Jr.
    You decrypted a substitution cypher. Cryptoanalyst
    You let Xir kill Mobot. Deadly Xir
    You've just returned from the temple. Was it real? Dreamer
    You've explored every single place in a jungle. Explorer
    You encountered your first sentient extraterrestrial being. First contact
    You've managed to land on a planet. Good morning Xenophon!
    You solved all Mind'o'Matics. Great mind
    You have hacked into all datapads. Hacker
    You've decided to return to the Earth. Homesick
    You managed to erradicate Xir. Jaeger
    You managed to go through the game without building an analytic upgrade Luddite
    You've fully upgraded Mobot. Megabot
    You scanned all the planets. Methodical
    You've obtained your first Mind'o'Matic. Observant player
    You've decided to save life. Pacifist
    You repaired the probe. The result is that you won't probably die. Plumber
    You've analyzed every single object in the game. Real scientist
    You've decided that science is more important than life. Science over all
    You have recovered some of J.U.L.I.A.'s erased memory clusters. Sweet memories
    You trapped the oceanic creature. Trapper
    You have visited all the planets. Traveller
    Was that an Asylum? Unexpected visitor
    You've discovered Mobot's secret hobby. Voyeur
    You let Xir kill Mobot 5 times. Xir Destroyer
    You let Xir kill Mobot 10 times. Xir the Invincible

    Contributed by: Guard Master