Like a delectable slice of cheesecake, as good you like it!

User Rating: 9 | J-Stars Victory Vs+ VITA
If you've noticed, J-Stars Victory Vs. has quite a lot of mixed reviews. Some good, some not, and some terrible. Well, this game I can honestly say is a personal preference package, like a playable fan letter. It's only as good as you enjoy anime culture itself. If you're an anime otaku like me, you'll love every bit of this game and all that it possesses and then after you take that first real bite of it, you'll just wish the roster was bigger! Gameplay wise, Victory Vs. plays strikingly similar to various anime beat 'em ups, whether you play Naruto Ultimate Ninjastorm or One Piece World Red or Senran Kagura Shinovi Vs., this is pretty simple to get the hang of. Evidently, the developers thought the same thing because they left plenty of explanations out like how to really pull off your finisher for example. This will tick you off! It's not a button, it's by tapping the right corner of the screen and before you start tapping it like a lost puppy; you must remember that your special needs to charge. It's a thunder bolt icon and you must keep attacking your opponent until the gauge on the top reaches your end and lights up with a yellow bar covering the gauge. Then you tap the top right corner of the screen and tap your character's picture as it comes up. And tap that side again when you're in super mode to actually do your finisher. Wasn't my idea but once you figure out, it's easy to pull off and luckily, your enemy doesn't always throw you a special move either. You have a light attack with the square button, a heavy attack with triangle, mini special with the circle, left trigger for sprint, X to jump and right trigger to block. Every character has these basics plus other combos but what's really interesting is the different advantages everyone has. Goku is great in the air and with projectiles and others like Naruto are best suited on land. The uniqueness of every fighter is what helps shape the battles, you could resort to patterns but eventually you do run into characters that force you to start thinking. If you're in a team you can order your buddy around to fight to your liking. Even if you love beat-em ups, there still is a learning curve to get past and then you'll be fighting like a pro which is good and bad. It's good because the learning curve is due to the authenticity of every fighter. Just because you're good with Goku doesn't mean you'll be good with Ichigo or Yusuke and that is because they can't fly. Things of that sort, some have advantages and disadvantages too so no one is ever truly perfect. Graphically Victory Vs. falls a little short from the PS3 and 4 version. Not the best looker on the Vita but it looks good where it counts which is in the characters. The character models are still well rendered and textures still pop out like it should. The levels are muddy, but not unrecognizable and background buildings of the like are still destructive, just not highly resoluted anymore. Overall it's more of a mehh for graphics, you won't have to try too hard to get over it. The story isn't terrible but luckily the game doesn't pretend like it's oscar-winning gold. The characters just act like they normally would in any situation and at least you do see even more characters from different anime talking to each other which can be quite a joy to see at times. But the pictures talking to each other feels very lazy and what's worse is that NamcoBandai was too cheap to pay the voice actors to read the dialogue to you. Story mode suffers a bit because of this and the map feels awkward to navigate through but the fighting is still fun and sadly, you need this mode to unlock more people. Outside of adventure is an arcade mode riddled with tough as nails fights, vs. CPU and online Victory Road which is like Adventure minus the walls of text. You'll find most of the joy in collecting all the points you can to beef up the roster to max and playing around with fantasy fights. I cannot stress that enough of how fun the fights are so forgive me for repeating myself! The more anime you know, the more fun you'll have meeting more characters from different anime all over the map pointing out who you know, geeking up when you see surprise guest stars which are plentiful wherever you look. This goes back to what I said for depending on how much you love anime. The music is okay, but for some reason I found more game songs than cartoon songs. Take that how you will! I was lucky enough to know so many of the shows and manga this game already has and for the amount of justice everyone gets as far as personality and fighting style goes, I cannot find it in my heart to hate this game. It's fun, wacky and in alot of ways the fighter I always wanted. Gameplay: 9 Graphics: 8 Story: 7 Sound: 8 Value: 9 Replayability: 10