Adorable and fun

User Rating: 8 | Ivy the Kiwi? WII
I love going to my local game store and browsing the shelves for the unusual. The games that have that kind of uniqueness that just jumps out at you and says " Hey! You never heard of me so buy me!"...and so this is the case for Ivy the Kiwi?.

The story is about a tiny bird named Ivy that fell from the sky and lost her way. Now you must help her on her quest to find her mother. But you don't get to control Ivy, instead you get to create these vines to guide and flick her across the screen. Ivy will continue to walk towards the right until she hits an object then turns around and walks to the left. There are multiple platforms and other obstacles in her way so you must use your vines to get her form the beginning of each level to the goal at the end. It starts of easy with just some platforms to get around, but, as you progress, more obstacles such as spikes and droplets of water are added to the mix. The beginning levels may see way to easy at first but keep playing and you will find out the more you continue your quest the more difficult it will get. Also you don't have to just go through the level there are feathers to collect as well. So each stage has a set of 10 feathers you can fond and yes it can be tricky to fulfill this achievement.

I will say unlike most Wii games i haven't had a problem with the controls but it can still be frustrating. Creating the vine isn't the problem but getting Ivy to go where you want can be an issue. It is very sensitive with the vines and if your not careful and you go too fast you'll send Ivy flying in a direction you didn't plan. Soooo I have come to the conclusion this game is about patience. Take your time completing the levels and you'll do fine....however...there is a time limit on each stage so you can't go super slow either.

This game may lack the super awesome graphics of today's technology but the artwork will amaze you. The music is also wonderful but sometimes the music was so smoothing I felt like taking a nap.

Overall I enjoyed this wondrous wonder! It reminded me of the NES platformer days and I was pleased. I recommend trying this game out. It may not look like much at first but you will be surprised at how much fun you will have.