It's a cute and fun game. Do you want a game with puzzles to solve, cute appearance, and fun to play: This is your game.

User Rating: 9 | Ivy the Kiwi? DS
The game tells a simple and cute story: Ivy is a bird that doesn't know how to fly and is searching her mom. So now you should help her using your stylus to create vines and get her to the end of the stage. The stages are well done. The scenarios (forests, cities,etc.) and their sounds complement each other well (the happy scenarios have a cute and happy sound, the ones that are mysterious have sounds that fit its characteristics, and so on). The gameplay is easy to go with, but there are moments in which you should think about what you have to do to go on if you want to get all the feathers along the way, they give you extra lives after getting some of them and are the main hardships you will face in the game. The game is score-based like old-school games and that can be a really attractive point to the game. Also, if you want to play a specific stage and try to get lower times in it, you can play the stage trial. There's a multiplayer menu to the game too, but I haven't used it yet.

So, overall: the game's a great score-based game that is really fun to play.