While working with Yuji Naka, Prope ensured that everyone would love this enjoyable game featuring a modest bird.

User Rating: 8 | Ivy the Kiwi? WII
You know you've fallen in love with Yuji Naka again when he creates a videogame such as this one. It's called Ivy the Kiwi? and it dazzles us all with the storybook graphics and extremely whimsical gameplay.

The stage is set upon the furry bird, lost and bewildered in a forest looking for its mother. It's up to you to guide this charming creature and to locate its mother through an assortment of levels with the use of your Wii remote.

The gameplay is essentially straightforward in that all you need to do to guide it to safety, is to draw vines for Ivy to cross, jump or walk on. Though as the chapters continue you'll eventually have to dodge obstacles, create more inventive ways for the vines to be made and locate certain objects and power ups before progressing any further.

One salient fact about the vines is that you have a pre-ordained amount of 3 in which you use throughout the level to escape from enemies and smash through barriers. You are also made to keep an eye out for the length the vine can be stretched before it breaks.

This game enables single player in which there are 100 levels for the DS and Wii and 50 for the DSi Ware and WiiWare platforms. Multiplayer is also available for up to four friends where you are capable of drawing vines in each others' screen- which can become hectic, but fun- and compete in versus mode to make it to the finish line first.

Ivy the Kiwi? is an amusing yet challenging game that uplifts anyone's spirits when played.

Enjoy and happy gaming from Charlie!