Ivy needs her mother and is your to job to reunite them.

User Rating: 7.5 | Ivy the Kiwi? WII
The creator of Sonic brings us a unique platformer that tells us the story of Ivy, a little chick thats has just hatched and wants to meet her mother that is apparently missing so it is up to you to reunite them.

Personally I like games with a good story, but when it comes to Ivy the Kiwi you can say theres not much to tell, though it is not necesarily a bad thing as gameplay comes first in this quirky title. You only read a few lines explaining that you are trying to find your mother and then is time to beat the games 100 levels.

As soon as you start your adventure you cant help but notice the cute visuals. The actual levels dont really pack a punch in the graphics department, though the backgrounds do look really good, they look just like a storybook and it helps to fill the screen quite nicely. A little more detail on the levels and stuff inside them is needed.

Now where the game really shows its potential is in its gameplay as it is quite unique but needs a couple of extra polish here and there. Yes it is a platformer except that you dont actually control Ivy, she moves automatically and only right or left. Thats when you come in and help her by using vines to help her pass any obstacle in front of her. For this you only use the wiimote to slash the screen to where you want your vines to appear.

Does Ivy have a problem going up?, No problem just use a vine to help her go up. Are those spines down there? No problem just make a vine and she will use it like a bridge. There are many other ways to use these vines and each level has some great puzzles for you to tackle on. Just like mario, you have to get her to the finish line and within the time limit but be careful cuz its 1 hit KO.

But there are a couple of problems that can be annoying, like the automated movement of Ivy because it sometimes can get annoying to move her to where you want her to go and there are plenty of times that she got stuck within a couple of vines. There are some puzzles that will also test your patience, like the boulder levels, in which you have to deal with Ivy and moving a boulder at the same time.

The ingame music is alright but I cant decide if it is soothing in the relaxing kind of way or in the make you sleepy kind of way. At first it may seem an easy game, but the difficulty is just right. It starts easy but it gets harder as you go on.

There are 100 levels in the game which is a nice amount though they are for the most part very short, like 3 minutes each. Completionists will have a blast as there are feathers in each level and getting all of them is quite a feat. Theres also a decent multiplayer mode but its a shame that theres no online leaderboards.

Ivy the Kiwi is indeed a quirky title, anyone looking for a unique title you will find it here.