Ivy the Kiwi? Cheats For DS

  1. Picture book

    Complete the game to get access to the picture book in the main menu, which is the opening and ending of the game available to rewatch

    Contributed by: Donald Love 87 

  2. Dog costume

    Collect all 10 red feathers on all 100 stages (bonus stages included), to get the ability to change Ivy's sprite into a dog from the main menu.

    Contributed by: Donald Love 87 

  3. Bonus mode

    Beat the game once to unlock the bonus mode. Bonus mode features 50 additional levels for the game, which are harder versions of the normal mode levels.

    Contributed by: Donald Love 87 

Ivy the Kiwi? Cheats For Wii

  1. Bonus Mode

    Finish Main Game. Bonus Mode includes fifty more stages, all of which mirror the first fifty, though with more obstacles.

    Contributed by: Hsieh 

  2. Picture Book

    Finish Main Game. The Picture Book will appear in the top-left-hand corner of the screen, and is essentially the ending of Ivy the Kiwi?.

    Contributed by: Hsieh 

  3. Dog Costume

    Collect all 100 red feathers in the game to unlock a dog costume. This includes all 50 from bonus mode stages, and all 50 from normal mode stages (10 on each level). When using the dog costume, the sounds for Ivy are the same, but now the red feathers are replaced by doggy treats, shaped like bones.

    Contributed by: QueenDVS