This is one of my all-time favorite games.

User Rating: 10 | Island Xtreme Stunts PS2
Wow, this game is amazing. You don't even have to do the xtreme stunts missions. There are places around the Island that I call "Hotspots" where you can pull off a really nice stunt. Plus, you have to get licenses. That means passing tests for Car/Motorcycle, Helicopter, and Jet Ski/Boat.The Lego characters and graphics are superb. Another great thing is the people. They have such a personality. And you get to run your own Radio Station. You can go into almost any building. Also around the island there is some of the Bricksters Henchmen, and unless you can sneak past them, you'll have to throw a pizza at them to knock them down. Also, scattered around the island there is cards for the residents which are fun to hunt for and collect. The cards also have some pretty funny things on them. And if you've played any of the early Lego Island games, you'll be pleased that Peppers good ol' trusty skateboard is back, and there is alot of places to pull of tricks, but also there is a large skatepark with ramps, rails, and more. Also there is a skeleton mini figure in the park that challenges you to races and trick competions. His name is Gnarly Bones. :) I would recommend this game to anyone and everyone and if you can't this this gem at a local store (it is very rare) then order it off the internet.