PS2 Port?? WHY?!

User Rating: 1 | Iron Man PC
So i got the game, and was all excided because the game was really cool on xbox360 and PS3.
So i fired it up and what to you know, it's a PS2 port. It has POOR gameplay & POOR graphics. This game could have been a good pc game, but sega was just to lazy to port the 360 or ps3 version (or they could have made another one just for the pc).

This is JUST like the spiderman 3 game, it was good for the next gens, but not ps2 (allthough pc had the next gen version, you get the point). The game is a total shortcoming, and letdown!

Even if you are one of those hardcore ironman fans (and believe me, i am) this game is just going to make you mad at the game developers for being stupid.

Finally : Don't buy this game, don't rent the game, don't even look at it. This just might be one of the worst games for the pc in a long while.