Some how, everyone has seen this coming ever sence the movie trailer.

User Rating: 5.5 | Iron Man X360
Well about a week ago i went onto xbox live (game store) to find Iron man demo, the game looked preety well for the stage, then right after i saw the movie saturday i was absolutely blown away but when i bought the game some thing entirely else.

Grpahics: The game looks unfinished. Your body sometimes goes into the ground, and all ground parts of the game mostly city parts, looked like there are 3 shades of color and thats it. That was completley disappointing, except for the demo level which was actually quite laid out well. Unlike the rest of the game it was quite unbearable. 4/10

Gameplay: yes the good part of the review. The game play was dot on what i like. You can update your armor (thank god) weapons, chest, thrusters etc. and there is one thing i dont understand is why they put melee it is alsmost completely useless except a few parts in the game. But besides that i found the game play fun. They atleast put free fly in. 8.5/10

Diffuculty: i was quite confused. When the diffuculty says "Normal" i think not to bad but NO they have to make you shoot a helicopter boss about 50 million flippin times. Not that i dont like long fights or anything but that is riduclous i spent 15 MINUTES attemping to fight some of the bosses and died numerous times. I dare to think what hard is like.

This was my short review for Iron man all i can say is buy it if you really are that bored. Sorry i did have some fun free flying though.