Its fun to be Iron man!

User Rating: 8 | Iron Man X360
This is a pretty good movie turned game adaptation. The flight mechanics on the game is pretty good, I'm not sure if you can do any aerial acrobatic maneuvers but you can dodge missiles and incoming fire or better yet catch incoming missiles and hurl them back at your opponent.
The game can be a bit repetitive, but the visuals and the excitement of trying to destroy objectives keeps you busy. I would recommend anyone to try this game out, if you're interested in buying it I would probably rent it first so you know how it plays and get a feel if you want to make a purchase. All in all I think this game is fun to play but probably will wait on buying as the price 59.99 is a bit pricey, but then again i think any game at that price is pricey and expect games to cost 20-40 bucks the most. But that's me.