Just because the graphics are poor, it doesn't mean its a bad game

User Rating: 8.5 | Iron Man PC
I've read lots of reviews about this game, and there are a lot of people saying its a horrible game! Mostly because of the graphics and voice acting.

The graphics are poor, but that's a good and bad thing

good thing about graphics:
this game can run without any lag on all old computers
you don't need a good PC to run this game

bad thing about graphics:
It makes the game look very low budget
it will make people not want to play the game

Well, I ignored everyone and decided to play it myself.
So I did. And it was really fun! The port is a little poor but at least its not as bad as the resident evil 4 port to PC... RE4 SUCKS
The game is very easy and really not much of a challenge, but at least its no impossible. SEGA failed on this game in a few terms of good look and sound, but its actually an alright game.

Play it. Don't listen to everyone else.