User Rating: 2.5 | Iron Man X360
GOOD: The game looks beautiful and the controls work.

BAD: Everything else. I've played games like Ninja Gaiden 1 and 2 which are challenging. But Iron Man feels right down cheap in gameplay. There's like a thousand enemies tring to attack you every 5 seconds, design is god awful, and the worst problem with the game is that the gameplay is just right boring (and it cost 60 dollars)!!! I've played it for only 30 minutes and "Iron Man" got really stale really quickly.

P.S to Marvel: STOP LETTING A HALFASS COMPANY LIKE SEGA MAKE GAMES ABOUT YOUR INFAMOUS SUPERHEROES. I mean SEGA hasn't made a stellar video game, since the fall of the "Dreamcast".

BOTTOM LINE: Don't buy,rent,borrow, or even think about "Iron Man" the game. I couldn't believe that it's worst than "The Incredible Hulk" game SEGA made.