I don't know what is this review deck, so, i just write this

User Rating: 3 | Iron Man PC
This game is surprisingly, DISAPPOINTING. I was very disappointed that the game is not as good as the movie. But, all i can say is the pros & cons.
-You are iron man. How amazing is that?
-Flying in high speed is quite fun
-Well that's a bit of fun factor in the game. Good for wasting time
-Very,very disappointing graphic
-Broken gameplay
-awful graphic (It was so awful, i said it twice)
Overall, The developers have a great idea for making a good game, but it fails to deliver. Even a fan of the movie would only enjoy some around 10-20 hours (Just like me).
So, is the game a fail? Yes
Even if you a crazed fan of the series, listen to me, & do what i said:
DO NOT BUY THIS GAME! this is not a wise purchase!
So, here's some list of better games that ALSO have it's PS2 counterparts:
-007 Quantum of solace
-Lego Batman/Indiana Jones
-Midnight club 3 DER
Those are a better game than this