Despite it's flaws, Iron Man provides the Shellhead's best game experience to date.

User Rating: 7 | Iron Man X360
Iron Man wasn't a bad game, and certainly not as bad as the critics make it out to be. It's no Arkham Asylum, but no other game has captured the feeling of bieng Iron Man quite like Sega's film-to-game adaptation.

While the graphics may not blow you away, they arn't bad in game, though some Pre-Mission cutscenes are cringe-worthy bad and expressions are just plain dull, it really fails to capture the free-loving, comical spirit Downy Jr.'s Tony Stark. Another notable problem, is the sudden difficulty spike in the last level. Seriously, even on "Easy" difficulty, Iron Monger will mess you up pretty bad. The voice-acting is pretty much garbage though. Even with the original actors, pretty much everyone's performance is dry, and while there are some exceptions, Iron Monger most notabley, the lines can be more painful than the Maggia's flak guns.

Some of the game's more notable positives include the flight mechanics, which are both fun and simple, an idea most flying games fail to grasp. Aside from Iron Monger, the in-game boss battles are pretty fun, ranging from doging Whiplash's electric whips in a bombed out middle-eastern city, to fighting Titanium Man in the snow before his doomsday machine fires on a civilian town, the bosses are pretty varied. The various armors are great, and offer all forms of strategic planning.

In the end, Iron Man was a fun experience with some frustating flaws, but underneath it all is a truely enjoyable Marvel super-hero game.