short very easy and a waste of money

User Rating: 5 | Iron Man WII
I am a big comic nut, which is way I bought this game. but its short way too easy and has no replay value

I'll start with the graphics, while their okay for the wii they are bland and boring with the maps being small hard to get around when indoors although I can say that they did do a good job with one thing, the sky, its blue and it has clouds, well done.

the game play also stinks, while flying is fun but nothing else bosses are boring and easy combat is difficult to aim or control yourself, however with the busted AI and your practically unlimited lives just keep firing and eventually, you'll win

the story is not bad, its just nonexistent sticking strictly with the movie and involves a lot of missing critical plot points unless you saw the movie

so if you have to try it then just rent for a day, but the only thrill you'll find is blasting through the sky with your computer telling you the obvious need to kill the bad guys and save the girl