Great until you hit the difficulty spike

User Rating: 6.5 | Iron Man PS3
Iron man starts off as what you'ed expect based on the movie as a decent graphiced story.However after the fun of taking down helicopters and zapping turrets and flying round very fast is sinking in you hit a very very very ! steep difficulty spike were one minute its just the right difficulty and then the next level is ridiculously hard.

before this you are in very large scenaries with wide spread objectives in which you can fly to very fast,You can then throw your selft into war zones firing lasers and rockets in quick motion.Unfortunately the difficulty spike ruins all this enjoyment and brings your gaming to a halt....literally
Im not just talking about the levels getting challenging i'm talking about hard as in not possible without cheats.I'm not quite sure how the producers could have put that spike in and not noticed it in the testing.I was really into this game until i hit the spike,then i literally stopped playing permanantly.

This game is only about £10 just about anywhere so if you're an Iron Man fan and you've got money to spare then you will enjoy it .....briefly.