History proves that 'liberation' started in 1943, not 1944.

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It started with the USSR's victories in famous battles at Kursk and Stalingrad in 1943. Nazis started retreating then (before USA joined the war in Europe).

Considering that this game was made and published in Germany, they should have known better.

I'm not buying a game that is based on a historic lie. =)

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There were a LOT of battles which were won and lost throughout the war. When you speak of Liberation.. liberation for which country? Most talk about the Liberation of France through Operation Normandy and other operations that took place during 1944 to liberate France and push on into Germany. Of course there were multiple fronts going on at that time with lots of countries being "Liberated".
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how is it a lie? Because they decided to focus on the German withdraw from Poland instead of Stalingrad? Stalingrad is mostly just close up urban combat which the Arma engine really isn't that great at. The open feilds of Poland is much more suited for the Arma game play which is a combination of infantry, Armour and air combat. Besides they can make all sorts of DLC that adds other battles I mean the options are limitless when you consider all the fronts of WW2. They could Do north Africa next, or even go in to the Pacific.