Iridion 3D Cheats For Game Boy Advance

  1. Gallery mode password


    Contributed by: ReyVGM 

  2. Level Passwords

    Stage 2: BKMBVNG7L (5 lives, Level 2 Green Laser)
    Stage 3: BV0BBFGCH (6 lives, Level 1 Purple Laser)
    Stage 4: D9DCBYZ7C (6 lives, Level 3 Gold Laser)
    Stage 5: 0LVCVYQGD (7 lives, Level 3 Gold Laser)
    Stage 6: 8M9CVYV3D (7 lives, Level 3 Gold Laser)
    Stage 7: XVPDBP6FF (6 lives, Level 2 Gold Laser)

    Contributed by: whiz kid 

  3. Easy 1-ups

    To get at least 1 extra life per stage, do this:

    1.In each stage you play, get AT LEAST 10,000 points.
    2.After each stage, record your password.
    3.Restart the game and enter your password in.

    This way, you'll get an extra life for every 10,000 points, instead of just at the 10,000 , 20,000 , and 40,000 point-mark!

    Contributed by: Elemental Knight 

  4. End game music

    Under the password menu enter *CR3D1TS* and you will be able to listen to the ending credits theme.

    Contributed by: kwai 

  5. Level 3 Yellow Spark Laser on Level 1

    Enter '*pnkrlz*' as a password for a Level 3 yellow spark laser on the first mission.

    Contributed by: Ultimas Blade 

  6. Start with more lives

    Enter in the password *1NV1S4BL3* For 13 lives. Be sure to use the asterisks.

    Contributed by: Viper_Diamond 

  7. Sound test and level select

    Introduce the password *S3L3CT0N* (don't forget use the asterisks). Then introduce the password
    *SH0WT1M3*. Now in the option screen you can hear the music of the game and select level and if you want, you can start on a boss battle.

    Contributed by: CONDE 

  8. Maximum Life Level Passwords

    Enter these passwords at the password input screen to start the level with maximum lives.

    Effect Effect
    4DZBVYV6B Level 2 Max Life
    67NCBZBJC Level 3 Max Life
    4S0CBZ66C Level 4 Max Life
    QGPDBZLFD Level 5 Max Life
    ZK8DBZQVD Level 6 Max Life
    D7MFBZLJF Level 7 Max Life

    Contributed by: Phosphorous 

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