Enjoyable TBS game with XCom feels throughout

User Rating: 8 | Invisible, Inc. PC

Invisible, Inc. is a turn based strategy game set in a technologically advanced future. Players will control covert agents as they infiltrate high powered corporations to raid high security vaults, steal advanced technology, rescue captured operatives, and download important data. Along the way the agents will face a myriad of threats like armored corporate security officers, drones, laser walls, and security turrets.

Players take turns against the computer moving their agents through the randomly generated levels, doing their best to stay out of site while they hack security nodes through their cyberspace combat program, Incognito. Depending on the programs you have loaded determines how you’ll bring down cameras, unlock electronic safes, and take control of camera drones. After each level you’ll spend credits on buying and selling equipment and leveling up your agents’ skills.

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Invisible, Inc. plays a lot like XCom, which I personally love. It’s difficult to put down. You’ll get so engrossed in completing a level you won’t realize time is passing! Difficulty ramps up at a reasonable pace so you never feel like you’re completely in control. In fact some levels become downright tense!

Each level has an objective and an exit zone. You can leave any time you discover the exit, but you’ll want to try and complete your mission first. There are several factors that make this difficult. First, there’s a security meter that rises one point every turn. Every five points raises the security level and will add complications like new guards on patrol, turning on more security cameras, and even pinpointing the location of one of your agents on the map and sending a guard to investigate.

If that wasn’t enough, guards you knock out won’t stay that way forever. And once they wake up, they will start searching the entire level for you. Eventually you’ll have access to lethal weapons, but using these can raise the alarm level much faster as almost all security guards are equipped with heart monitors. Games can get very tense as you try and steer the guards away from the exit so you can make your escape with the 3000 credits you just stole from the corporate vault!

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I enjoy how accessible the game is to first time players. It’s not very difficult to learn and the beginner difficulty (which I recommend everyone play, regardless of your skill level with strategy games) explains all of the features in the game while being forgiving enough to not beat you over the head when you make a mistake. At higher difficulty levels, the safety net drops away and you’ll find that every mistake can have dire consequences for your team.

Overall, I find Invisible, Inc. to be fun and engaging. The gameplay is challenging without being unfair. I particular enjoyed the art style, which has a retro feel about it. After 15+ hours, I feel confident recommending this title to anyone looking for a new turn-based strategy experience.