It had potential.

User Rating: 5.5 | Inversion PS3
First knowing about this game and the little advertising that followed it, I made the mistake of guessing it would be one of those hidden gems amongst the crowd. Regrettably, it's not. The few loose ends, droning stereotypes and ultimately my high expectations crumbled the game before me. Such as the sound effects: they were weak during gameplay. I wanted my gun to sound like it could pack a mean punch, instead it sounded like a bunch of toothpicks hitting the floor. The campaign would have worked without any co-op - having a partner didn't help but irritate the situation at times. Plus the characters were flat and boring anyway. I'd rather play as a midget or a fella with palsy alone searching for his kid. Certainly would keep my attention and possess inspiration. Just saying there's nothing new with these guys.

The Gravlink was cool. It worked beautifully in the game. Especially to float enemies out of cover and vice versa. Of course, it upgrades as you progress, however not by much. Just enough to increase the meter and to toy with large objects like cars, storage bins and to vaporize enemies (Entire buildings would have been awesome). Without a doubt the gravity manipulation was a gimmick to sell and to help crutch forward a limp story.

The enemies sounded like retarded football players, but were absolutely tough on the highest difficulty setting. For example: one melee attack equals game over. And given there were two of us in the level, the enemies frequently paid more focus on my character instead of balancing it out. I guess the bad guys were charmed by his Chia-Pet hairdo.

Regardless, the graphics weren't too bad and load times were quick. I can't judge the music score. I had it muted throughout so I could hear the dialogue jumbled with the action. Besides, I'm not gonna option to read subtitles while I'm trying to shoot someone in the face. The multiplayer appeared fun and flexible. Too bad it's desolate 98% of the time.

Inversion felt unfinished. I assume time and budget killed the potential.