User Rating: 10 | Inversion X360
This Game hooks you up from the very beginning, If you don't believe it? You can watch the intro in youtube.

It has very good graphics, sound, voice acting and story! I mean, it's not a METAL GEAR OR GOD OF WAR. But certainly it does not deserve a 4.0!!!!

This game reminded me of Mad Max, the road and many other post-apocalyptic movies. But in here, you play the role of a cop being on duty when everything happened! You try to save your wife and daughter from the bad guys that are invading the city with SOMETHING NEVER SEEN BEFORE! ZERO GRAVITY! So the whole city is being destroyed! People running everywhere and destruction. This is happening while you are trying to kill the bad guys.

You will find this game for a very very very low price! Thanks gamespot for that... I mean, It cost me $10. Brand new. Don't think twice and get your copy!