Had potential but couldn't utilize it.

User Rating: 6 | Inversion PC
I didn't had a great expectation for this game. But it did disappoint me with that below average expectation. Still,Inversion has it's moments(quite brief,though) and I liked some of it.
Firstly,the game-play introduces unique(?) concept of controlling gravity. You can manipulate an area's gravity. Two sorts of gravity:low and high are in your arsenal. Both of them aren't as effective as they sound. You can relentlessly shoot your enemy and that ends it for them. The guns aren't that varied and they feel powerless as you have to shoot a lot of bullets. Some fixed tactics will be needed to defeat certain type of bosses but if you are evasive and shooting relentlessly,you won't need them much.
As for the story,there is almost none. Too much cut-scenes ruins the flow and also the story. If Inversion had cut-scenes only describing the vital parts of the story(if there is any),some may had noticed the story. But,the cut-scene after the ending,that one is touchy and it's one of the moments this game has.
As for the characters, you won't feel anything for them. It's the typical characters,main one bent on revenge and side one helping his friend(in this case,partner). They talk between themselves throughout the entire game-play and only by that,you can have any idea about what's going on.
This game has a linear game-play considering this age in gaming. In certain places,you HAVE to move or do whatever needs to be done in the certain way Inversion plans you to do.A lot of the time,you have to take a boost from your partner to go up or open a door which only slows the game-play and makes it annoying. Taking cover is glitchy,so is many parts of the game-play.
Inversion has no replay value as it doesn't have anything to collect or improve your arsenal in any way. If you die,change your method,your partner will only let you know what can be done. Follow them accordingly,and you may pass.
Inversion had a good instrument,gravity gun. But they wasted the potential on bad shooting mechanics. As for the story,it's a cliched one but a lot of times,some games have pulled it off. It seemed that inversion just didn't care,the only exception being the last scene.