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I can't believe this game got a 4/ really isn't anywhere close to THAT bad. The gameplay is pretty smooth and it evokes feelings very similar to GOW, which in itself should warrant a score higher than 4. Sure it basically steals ideas from other games and jumbles them all together, but is that actually a bad thing? The cutscenes are good, and some of the cheesy dialogue is pretty damn funny. Playing on hard makes me feel accomplished after the boss fights, which unfortunately are the same bosses over and over. However, this gives me a feeling of hesitance as I progress through levels knowing that I'll have to beat a harder version of the f*cker again haha...

Anyways, everyone can have their opinion, but this game is definitely a 7.5 to me.

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Namco wouldn't pay for their review.

If they had paid like EA they would have gotten at least an 8.5

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Honestly I tend to love these Third Person Shooters, But I have to honeslty Say with this one I wouldnt even give it 4.0, I rented the game and sent it back after 3 days I didnt make it past chapter 5 it was so Dull

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overall this is a 5 third person shooter. and its only that due to gravity thing.