Unjust Testimony - Biased Review to Punish Namco

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Anyone denying that Gamespot does paid reviews at this point is lying, trolling, or so naive it's ridiculous. There are youtube videos systematically exposing their practices, backing up every claim.


The fact is, Gamespot gives 8.5 and 9.5 reviews to games far worse than this, games from companies that advertise on their site and greese the wheels. The review was completely bogus, but the reviewer was doing his job, his job is to provide a consumer catelogue for companies that pay their dues and punish companies that don't. The gamespot reviews aren't reviews, they're marketing.


If you want to know whether this is a good game check the Metacritic reviews and user reviews, some of them are biased one way or the other, but the Gamespot review was a sham. It's like Kain and Lynch inverted.

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The world is all about money .....

Can't blame them if they do it , Most companies and sports are corrupt.

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i knew Gamespot is doing payed reviews since they reviewed Doom 3 and give it 8,5 which is ridiculous. that game was so impressive in every way possible,a true masterpiee of the horror genre .and when i saw the reasons for which that game was criticized it made me laugh my ass really hard LOL-''The sentries are too powerful'' the game is too dark"''there is no flashlight attached to weapons'' OMG-just dumb and idiotic reasons. other games which were not halfof the Doom 3 experience got 9 oreven more. yes Gamespot is doing payed reviews. u saw the first Prototype game-which was pretty awesome and didnt get more than 8,5 and Darksiders- which was an epic masterpiece- got only 8...................