Can't I go 5 seconds without a battle!?

User Rating: 4.5 | Inuyasha: Secret of the Divine Jewel DS
Ah yes, The Inuyasha DS game. Where do I start.
The intro character, Janis, is not much of a main character. Let alone any good. Even a fanfic character is better than her. The story is just bland and probably would've passed as a filler arc in the series. The battle system is basic, except for the system where you can use multiple characters to attack the same person. That is helpful in the boss battles. The one thing that ruined it for me is that you cannot go five steps without a battle suddenly happening. You have to go through like 10-11 battles to get to a plot point. And most of them have low level demons, so you go through easy battles that are frequent that you dream of a actual plot point. These negatives really drag down a basic RPG into something horrible. I love the Inuyasha series, but even the most hardcore Inuyasha fan should wait until it hits the bargain bin, and that's not gonna be long. Also, this game is a exclusive here in America. Nice Namco Bandai, we finally get a exclusive, and it sucks.
Characters: B+
Story: C
Controls: A-
Gameplay: D

Inuyasha: Secret Of The Divine Jewel: D+