Inuyasha well I love the series,but I don't know about this game.

User Rating: 6.7 | Inuyasha: Secret of the Divine Jewel DS
Well I don't know the timeline for this.But an girl name Janis who moved from America to Japan.She meets with this monk -sen who tells her that she's the daughter of the kamui.She goes through the well liked Kagome the feudal era of course.Now her journey is to find this demon from her dream to give back the power.At first I thought it was exciting.I mean at first I thought that you could create your own character,and join Kagome and the others on the quests of searching for the jewel shards.But I was wrong.Now this game is sorta disappointing to me.I mean everytime I am walking somewhere I have to fight an demon that sucks really does.It even tooked me an long time to find certain places or certain things to start the event or the story! This is very confusing game.If you love Inuyasha,and you had not bought this game don't buy it.This game is an bit complicated.I will give credit for original game story and new character.But the game I can't tell you what I think.Just passing the time till Pokemon Diamound and Pearl comes out.