This game is not nearly as bad as Gamespot lets on, but it's not exactly amazing either.

User Rating: 8 | Inuyasha: Secret of the Divine Jewel DS
I really do have mixed reactions about this game. I really want to see the horrible aspects of this game, but I just can't. The game lacks certain interesting aspects and brings nothing new to the system, however if you like Inuyasha I think you would like this game. I like the leveling up system and the roaming system reminds me of Dragon Warrior III (which was a great game by the way). Like I said though, this game lacks creativity, if you have played RPGs before, don't expect to see anything new in this game, it's a simple turn based system with Inuyasha characters. Maybe I'm not hard enough on games, or maybe I just have realistic expectations. I mean if you are an Inuyasha fan like I am, you kind of need to be happy that there is a game like this at all. It may not be the best, and it may not keep you entertained for hours, but it's not like there are a ton of Inuyasha games out there to choose from anyway. Overall I would say that if you are a fan of the anime, then go ahead and try out this game. Maybe going in with low expectations from all the other reviews will let you see some of the good in this game.