I love the InuYasha series, this game is bland.

User Rating: 3.6 | Inuyasha: Secret of the Divine Jewel DS
Gamespot pretty much got the review for this game right on.

there's barely and character development. the new main character they added to the game isn't really interesting at all. the text can be hard to read at times and the backgrounds for the text box is hideous. Overall the game looks like a really pretty GBA game. I tried so hard to beat this game but i can't stand how often you have to fight, how long it takes for each character to perform an attack and how one sided the battles are.

I really have no problem with the difficulty because InuYasha is supposed to kick butt, but you'd think they could let you unlock some interesting abilities or something.

The gameplay is not very good. They tried to make it so you can use all touch screen controls, but the trade off is a fade in and out from the top and bottom screen of the enemies and your party and even though it only takes a second to do so, it adds up when every 3 steps you take in a cave puts you in a battle. The touch screen movement and interaction isn't the most effiecent anyways, they'd be better just leaving it out and making this a gba game.

I thought playing final fantasy 1 and 2 had a high encounter rate.

oh and the music. WTF. The show has awesome music, why didn't they use any of it. I guess its appropriate but there just aren't any inuyasha themes you can pick out and get pumped about.

the landscape is pretty neat if you were into the series and you will recognize bone eaters well, inuyasha forest, kagome's house etc.

Fans of the series may find enjoyment in this game when they find it on the shelves for 9 dollars or less.