HUGE fan of the anime. Not a fan of the game.

User Rating: 2.5 | Inuyasha: Secret of the Divine Jewel DS
Inuyasha- A manga portraying a half-demon male who seeks a jewel that will change him into a full demon and a girl from the future who just so happens to have the ability to sense these jewels who accompanies him.
Inuyasha:Secret of the Divine Jewel- A concoction of constant battles, bad graphics and a dull storyline.
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Not only is there little or no connection between the anime we have come to love, but every step you take draws in hordes of demons, the graphics are horrid and the game play is repetitive. To make matters worse, during the full moon, Inuyasha goes human and becomes virtually useless. Sure, some hardcore(VERY hardcore) fans of Inuyasha will be able to wring an ounce of fun out of this train wreck, but for others like myself, this game is a total failure. I'm not sure what Bandai was thinking when they made this game, but I think this will drive away possible Inu-fans, rather then draw them in. Avoid at all costs!