Inuyasha feels as though it tried to be good, but it didn't make it. It only truly appeals to fans of the anime series.

User Rating: 3 | Inuyasha: Secret of the Divine Jewel DS
At the start of this game you notice all the flare and good point this game has to offer. Then thirty minutes later all you want to do is take it back to the store, but then you realize its non refundable. The game lacks any strong rpg points and feels like it should have came out 10 years ago. The characters are nicely rendered and the and world is colorfull and vibrant but nonetheless the gameplay keeps you from seeing it all. Battles are turnbased which is a new engine for an inuyasha game, but they play slow and lack any fun. Characters dont really need to built up because you already have an arsenal of moves from the start. Theres no character development, no customization, Hey ! there's not even a respectable menu screen. Its just two tabs for status and items.
Items you collect are unorganized and hard to tell what does what, but its not like you need most of the time anyway cuz your an unstoppable force from the get go. The good thing is does do is utilize the DS's two screens forcing you to switch your eyes back and fourth from time to time but it still doesn't affect how boring this game is. This game would be a pretty good handheld anime rpg if only the entire game was just better. Once again anime fans of this series will just have to wait again to see if someone will get Inuyasha right, lets just pray it happens in our lifetime.