Intruders: Hide and Seek Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    There are 6 bronze trophies, 17 silver trophies, 4 gold trophies, and 1 platinum trophy.

    Complete chapter 2. Are your kids home?
    Complete chapter 3. Blind tasting
    Escape from an enemy once. By the skin of your teeth
    Get a document. Elementary
    Escape 3 times from an enemy. Escape artist
    Complete chapter 8. Examine yourself again
    Complete chapter 7. Family meeting
    Check out all the computer documents. Gossip
    Complete chapter 5. I take care of you
    Complete the story. It’s all over
    Use 5 hiding places. Live today, fight tomorrow
    Fail the panic mini-game once. Mistakes are paid
    Get half of the documents. My dear Watson
    Complete chapter 4. N4U6H7Y 80Y
    Successfully complete the panic mini-game once. Nerves of steel
    Get all the collectibles. Now it all fits together
    Use a hiding place. Now you don’t see me
    Get half of the collectibles. Pieces are still missing
    Use a duct. Rat kid
    Walk about crouching 100 yards. Slowly
    Get a collectible. Start from the corners
    Complete chapter 6. Test subject
    Get all the trophies. The worst night of your life
    Get all the documents. What a pile of papers
    Close a door. Without a trace
    Complete chapter 1. Wow! What a shack!
    Close 5 doors. You shall not pass!
    Make Irene remind you about the mission once. You’re on my frequency!

    Contributed by: Kelayr