A waist of five hundred wii points, rather use a computer.

User Rating: 3.5 | Internet Channel WII
Although, I can see internet channels being a regular occurance on games console, nintendo have made a terrible attempt at putting it on the wii.
Although some websites ssuch as miniclip and gamespot have made specalist sites for the wii internet browser this wii chanel fails and impress. It takes about five minutes to enter the name of the website you want to visit and then many of the websites you can't see half of the things on it as you can't download the flash or real players. The only plus of the wii internet browser is that you can view videos on youtube and the BBCI player on the big screen rather than watching it on the small computer screen. In conclusion, although i can see little bright spots in the wii internet channel much of it ,such as the ability to download flash or real players on it and being able to type in the name of the website or the thing you want to search on google needs improving.