Watch Youtube on the big screen!

User Rating: 8 | Internet Channel WII
For 500 Wii points (5 American dollars) you can download from the Shop Channel, Opera's Internet Browser. It's a one time fee, so long your internet connection is still working on the Wii, you can use it.

When I first downloaded it and played around with it I thought "huh this is kinda neat" but, never really used it again. About a month after I purchased it, I had several of my friends over and we were just hanging around. At some point we started talking about funny YouTube videos that we had seen. Then I had an epiphany! Instead of having everyone huddled around a little computer monitor with only a few seats, why not use the Wii Browser and watch YouTube on my Plasma TV thats 10 times the size of my diminutive monitor? So I turned on my Wii and showed everyone the browser. To make a long story short, now when people come over for parties, or just to hangout...thats one of the main things they want to do.

One thing the browser cannot do is download, anything. Videos requiring Flashplayer, Realplayer 7, Quicktime etc. cannot be viewed via Opera, limiting the number of sites you can fully view. This also means since, you cannot download anything, you can't get viruses on your Wii (from the browser).

Lastly, typing. Currently, there is no keyboard for the Wii at commercial retailers such as Best Buy or Target. So how does one type? Wii remote! Yep, you point and click each letter. There is a keyword function kinda like the T9 function for texting on most cell phones, this makes typing as quick as possible without a keyboard. At first it's a bit tedious but after awhile you get faster at it. For example: I wrote this review on the browser and it took me 20minutes, but it was 20minutes of relaxing in my new lazyboy chair. Now that my review is done...I'm so relaxed I don't feel like getting up...I think I'll go cruise around YouTube now...