The Web Browser is a great addition to the Wii console, accessing the internet while on the couch is great!

User Rating: 9.6 | Internet Channel WII
The Web Browser is a great piece of software for the Wii. It's very simple and straightforward so anyone of any age can use it.

The layout of the browser if very sleek and and trouble-free, so it will take you no time to start surfing the web. It's very easy to type using the Wii remote and the word suggestion feature is great.

The Web Browser also has flash compatibility, which is absolutely fantastic. I was surprised when YouTube fully worked and same with flash games.

The Web Browser is a great addition the Wii Console that no Wii owner should go without. It is extremely simple, so if you are not really smart with the internet, you can still use it without a worry. I still think it would have been better if Nintendo added options to the web browser such as setting your own home page.