It's a good browser but still needs work.

User Rating: 6.5 | Internet Channel WII
All right. Let's review the Internet channel. This is a Wii channel that you can buy. It used to be 500 Wii Points but I bought it for free. I think it's free now but I am not sure.

This is your basic browser. You can send emails, but when it costed money, you would ask "Why would I want a dumbed down browser that costs money when I already have a browser on my computer?" This browser won't let you download PDFs and it doesn't run the higher version of Flash. However it is capable of running YouTube. So it is solid.

Many websites have developed freeware games that you can play on the browser which is nice. There is this one website called where you can play games. These games are games you would normally find on addictinggames and such.

Unfortunatly this browser isn't capable of running higher, more advanced websites.

However, the browser does work. It probably won't match everyone's expectations but it is a solid browser. If it was still 500 Wii Points it wouldn't be worth it, but since it's free now it's worth it.

I give the Internet Channel a 6.5 out of 10 with the title of Fair.