this game is simple, the controls are simple, this game is simply fun,the word simple is starting to sound funny

User Rating: 7.5 | International Karate C64
this was one of my first virtual console buys and i think it was a good chose.

gameplay/controls 7/10 most of the controls in this game are simple up dpad +2 = face kick down dpad + 2 = nut shot, the only thing that is hard with controls is changing directens

graphics 10/10 i have said this before and i will say it again i am only 13 so when this game was out i was still nothing and i haven't played enough other old games to tell if this is good but i had no prbl with them

story 0/0 no story. So lets take this time to talk i little more about this game.... well yes there is a story you are a karate person and you go around the world fighting other karate plp until you die and have to start at a green belt again

there is also multiplayer were u can fight a friend or brother or somebody which is probably the funnest