At 1$ it can be worth it for the plastic case.

User Rating: 1.3 | Intellivision Lives! GC
I recently bought that game and I was quite in a rush to play the good old games that I used to play as a kid.

I opened the case and put my GC to the ON position..... first problem.


I mean, you can't do a compilation of Intellevision games without the cult game....

Where's "Advance dungeon and dragon"?

Other games missing in that compilation.

Burger Time
Donkey kong or DK Jr

Must be a contract problem but ....

The worst about all this because they still have Snafu, Astrosmash, Armor battle...... But I thought they would at least change the configuration of some games, so that we could play them.....

Intellivision had a keypad on the gamepad..... GC doest.... they could have brought a way to make it user frendly instead of making a virtual copy of the old joystick....

I mean how can you play baseball without it? Football? Then why did they put the games in it.

Anyways, just starting a game is sooo frustrating and complicated.

An easy way to try to make money without making an effort.

Too bad.